An Embarrassing Topic by Ruma Modak

Milk by Mashiul Alam 

The Meat Market by Mashiul Alam

Beloved Rongomala (An Excerpt) by Shaheen Akhter

The Peacock Throne (An Excerpt) by Shaheen Akhter

This Gift of Silver by Shagufta Sharmeen Tania

Me and Mycobacterium tuberculosis by Shahaduz Zaman

Whatever the Wounds, Whatever the Damage by Shahaduz Zaman

A Cloudless Night, an Eclipsed Moon by Papree Rahman

Hands by Anwara Syed Haq

An Indian Citizen in Our Town by Mashiul Alam

Snakes, Husbands, Ashalota and Us by Shaheen Akhtar

Moirom Doesn’t Know What Rape Is by Selina Hossain

Nineteen Seventy One by Humayun Ahmed

Dawn of the Waning Moon by Jharna Rahman

A Forest Born Poem by Khaled Hossain

Water Bird by Khaled Hossain

Parul’s Motherhood by Selina Hossain

Nameless Casteless by Hasan Azizul Huq

Five Crows and One Freedom Fighter by Shaheen Akhtar

Once Upon a Time Daughters Were Born Here by Purabi Basu

She Knew the Use of Powdered Pepper by Shaheen Akhtar

Advertisement for a Friend by Mahadev Saha

যুদ্ধ: লুইজি পিরানদেল্লো

The Rage of Moonlight by Purabi Basu

Arshinagar by Jharna Rahman

My Poems Belong to No One Else by Abid Azad