Five Crows and One Freedom Fighter by Shaheen Akhtar

Published in New Age Eid Special, 2005. Reprinted in Writing Across Borders (Ed. Niaz Zaman, Pub., Dhaka), 2009.

On other days, this was a time of comfort. The land of sleep could be reached borne on the melody of the azan, the cool breeze of dawn. Like a firework flying silent through the sky, without limits or connections – father winged his way to a higher plane. At that moment, a sudden gust of wind that shakes the crop fields moved around and raged inside the long-cloth long shirt of Sabbir Hossain. The Mowlana thought, this is a machination of the devil; Satan has sent his agent to wreck the azan. Still, in the past five years, the Mowlana’s svelte voice had turned into a baritone, about a dozen goat-like beard hairs had crawled out from the soft-tender chin, but not a single note of the tune nor a word of the text of the azan would be distorted.