The Rage of Moonlight by Purabi Basu

Published in Radha will Not Cook Today (2007), Pub.




Purnima gazed outward in deep contentment. For her was such love held in the hearts of others? Regardless of whether it was summer or winter, every single tree in the world sported dark green leaves today. Every plant had bloomed in many-hued blossoms. The sky was completely blue. Not a smidgen of cloud anywhere. Her father, the Sun, chuckled with pursed lips. The pleased, proud father wished her endlessly well in this great moment of hers. Prithibi, the all- enduring, loving Earth-mother clasped Purnima close to her breast.

“Go very carefully Purnima. Let good be upon you. May you be happy, child. Be joyous.”

Purnima bid her parents farewell, exchanged warm embraces with her friends and then began on her journey towards Chandra. Prokriti accompanied her to the final bounds of the earth. With them came Banani, the Forest. Came Tagar, the flower, Hawa, the Wind, the birds Parakeet, Kokil, Mynah, Doel.

From here Purnima must go on alone. Her friends weep. A tumult arises in Purnima’s heart. Purnima was leaving the world she had known for so long and was about to enter a new world, a new life.  Anxiety was quite natural. Still, amid that was also an indescribable, unique excitement. There was madness there, and temptation. In knowing the unknown, Purnima, who was longing for the company of her beloved, bid her fellows a final farewell. This last road she would have to travel by herself, absolutely alone.