Once Upon a Time Daughters Were Born Here by Purabi Basu

Published in In Pursuit of the Perfect Gourmet Garam Masala (Ed. Daithidh MacEocaidh, Pub. Skrev Press), 2007.  Republished in Radha will Not Cook Today (Ed. Niaz Zaman, Pub. writers.ink),


No one had ever heard of such a strange thing. For the past twenty years, no daughters had been born among these people. Was this even possible? But—as far as could be ascertained—it was all true. A team of population specialists and scientists had arrived to investigate. No, the birthrate was not low among these people. To the contrary, it was slightly higher than the national average. That, of course, was due to reasons easily fathomable. This community of people—uneducated, unconnected with civilization, was not familiar with all the modern methods of birth control. But why only sons in that case?